HVAC Assessments

Canadian Energy Assessment Services provides assessments & evaluations for SOLAR viability & H.V.A.C. efficiency, helping residential homeowners decrease their natural gas & electricity consumption & harness the power of the sun to create investment & cash flow through Government programs, funding, private company programs & Government rebates.

Technician Servicing Residential Heating

A furnace uses energy to produce and deliver heat. The more heat it can deliver with a given amount of energy, the better. This is the essence of “efficiency”. Furnace manufacturers strive to produce appliances that both burn fuel efficiently and require minimal energy (typically electricity) to run the blowers that circulate the heat to the house. New high-efficiency furnaces are over 90% efficient. Older standard furnaces are only 50-60% efficient.


Standard hot water heaters are more economical, with a lower up-front cost compared to tankless. They can accommodate steady, high-use demand. Hot water tank heaters are also commonly known as conventional water heaters, or CV Tanks. Capacity of hot water tanks are measured in gallons. The capacity of traditional CV tanks is usually in the range from 20 to 100 gallons, and the most popular sizes are 40, 50, 60 and 80-gallon tanks as they produce enough hot water for the family sizes of 4-6.


Significantly less common than the traditional hot water tank, tankless water heaters are gaining popularity as an energy-efficient way of providing hot water. Tankless water heaters are exactly what the name implies: a hot water heater that does not have a storage tank.


Think having an air conditioner is a luxury you can’t afford? By making sure that your air conditioner is a high-efficiency unit; you can help to lower your utility costs. High-efficiency systems generally have a SEER rating of 14.5 SEER or higher. Air conditioners with a SEER rating of 14.5 or tend to use more efficient compressors and variable-speed air handlers or furnaces.

A home humidifier attached to the return

Winter is here, and the air is dry. Have noticed the everyone's noses are dry or maybe you're tiered of the static surprise you and your significant other (or your kids) are constantly getting. Whatever the case, it's apparent that the air isn't holding much humidity.

elevated garage space heater mounted on

Tiered of the cold Alberta winters? Make this year a more comfortable with a garage heater. Don’t let the cold prevent you from getting the job done.