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Canadian Energy Assessment Services provides assessments & evaluations for SOLAR viability & H.V.A.C. efficiency, helping residential homeowners decrease their natural gas & electricity consumption & harness the power of the sun to create investment & cash flow through Government programs, funding, private company programs & Government rebates.

We provide homeowners with comprehensive assessments for solar P.V. systems that include calculations of monetary & energy returns based on the home’s location & orientation in relation to the sun & the physical properties of the home, creating an accurate & in depth proposal that facilitates a clear view of the opportunity solar energy provides.

Services Provided


Our H.V.A.C. assessments start with visual inspections of the equipment followed by A.F.U.E. calculations that will expose the efficiency rating of the current units and allow us to calculate the natural gas & electricity savings enjoyed by upgrading to high efficient furnaces & Air conditioners.
We extrapolate the calculations over monthly, yearly & 10 year time frames based on today’s commodity prices giving homeowners the knowledge to make educated decisions on their heating & cooling systems.